Created From Death

by Bull Elephant

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Emergent, given new life Cosmos in corporeal form Raging through the awakening Guided by the stoic giant Speaks through walls of sleep Silence, never so loud Unproven messiah Taken into hiding Child of stars and iron Reactor-born Created from death Now absorb the world Through words and images of days gone by and yet to be, fast track through hell Like a sea, felt between Let the ocean in Surveyed from an oaken throne Built of flesh and bone Found outside of the moment and so it is seen Layers peeled to the core reality Two selves split, the mythic soul As it died, the next chapter began Created from death Product of ancient minds and (wo)man
Taken from the forest of black to the mountains in white Raised by a beast, passing for a man, mastering senses, assimilating What was once perceived as madness, granted no reprieve Overwhelmed by the knowledge it seeks While still ignorant of the horror beneath Experience the wait of the world Flashes of insight across time Oneiromantic rites This is the kingdom reserved as mine Not yet found my voice, nor given words to speak It is a process of coming into being Within the lair of the wolf In the shadow of the crooked cross Communicate through sheer force of will Oneiromancer guiding even after death Outside of time, even inside these rare moments of truth Ultimately united, through all nature Every civilisation all at once Lessons of ages, at last learned
Lebensraum 05:43
Era of conflict Rally against weak ideaology Rotten doctrine of the Christ Essence of the mission to deliver Foundations of strength Upon which to build superior lives Sheep will be devoured by the wolves Spineless vermin will be drowned By the flood of a higher order Sold on a vision of the future Lebensraum for the taking To accommodate expansion of the master race Masses mesmerised by another great lie Fears of the simple man weaponised Spread the deception far and wide All tools at our disposal Commandeered for the “righteous” side False flag to justify Aggressor plays the victimised Victory is prophecised Atrocity behind the battle lines Foreshadow the carnage to come Humanity, picked apart and undone Staring down the barrel of a gun Surrender is the only option In league with powers misunderstood Secret war underway with a design They thought they shared But a pact with a devil Cannot be un-made
As certain as the planet turns There will be a drive to … fight Cult of the black sun, nemesis Descended from a sorcerer king, Corrupted Elohim Preventing thousand year reign You have been deceived There is no hollow earth Face ruination at the hand of Andrasteia’s…. child Cult of the black sun, nemesis Descended from a sorcerer king Corrupted Elohim Called to be the scouring force Is knowledge worth this bitter curse?
An experiment from the dark division Allegiance pays lucrative dividends New battle assets born from the bodies of untermensch Tortured at the end of life Now slaves after death Nothing of the resource is wasted Raw material compiled Vanquished and put to work Last defilement of pitiful lives Last defilement! Who truly controls the power that awakes them Directing anger, hatred of aeons Moulded into grotesque forms He who meddles in darkness, falls forever damned
Cast all of this aside, place it on the highest shelf From the comfort of the future historians will tell The stories they choose Tomorrow belongs to the victor[s of today At our service; this perverted science Empires will rise and fall But this new focal point will supersede them all Tomorrow belongs to the victors of today Now in its service; perverted science! Protracted by the light of perverted science
Eve of invasion; chaos swarming, (body) blitzkrieg Before dawn, first engagement off the coast Battlecruiser helpless, escort destroyer is overcome Mindless directed by malevolence Without warning: behemoth appears from the deep Power of nature again crystallised Awoken from its sleep To take back control, reset discord back to peace Just one unit would get through, enough to wreak havoc, like a storm battering the land A legion that needs no feeding is the beginning of the end Escape to the Arctic In permafrost, discover colossal form to be renewed Sacrifice always needed, nothing is given free Mankind undeserving Preservation of the world tree is the elemental duty Bull Elephant returns With allies from the sea
Wayfarer 06:24
Two crows are eyes in the sky, on high Connected, resistance intensified We have come this far, why not take flight? Divergent pasts collide, heaven is a trick of the light Wayfarer Under cloak of night Heralding doom Craving worship The vanity of weak gods Given over to the ever flowing stream Consciousness: great cull on the horizon Together and alone ‘Til at last bring peace home From beast to human to beast again Heart of the downfall beckons the end Living on as the noble power of dreams Becoming myriad forms Gaiascope, lit by a sunbeam Wayfarer, prophet of change Forging a new genesis This host is a willing vessel Righteous sacrifice To lie in a silver lined tomb As in the safety of a mother’s womb


Part two in the Bull Elephant trilogy mythos, picks up where the debut album ended. The eponymous creature, originally resurrected to fight occultist Ahnenerbe SS just before the outbreak of world war, has been destroyed and reconstructed into human form; then placed into the care of a renegade ape. The child’s witch-mother sacrifices herself so the duo can escape and they live in exile for several years, attempting to remain hidden from the enemy.

Meanwhile, Nazi Germany and Allied forces fight battles on two fronts: in conventional theatres all over the world and as a secret war for control over supernatural powers that neither fully understand.

Eventually after being discovered, and temporarily under siege, our heroes are compelled into action; launching a campaign to harness nature against the worst of mankind’s impulses; which now includes reanimation at a mass grave site of an undead legion in service of the Reich. The ultimate renewable human resource.

As with the debut album, think of the background concept as Raiders of the Lost Ark set to a doom-tinged heavy metal soundtrack where Judeo-Christian mythology is replaced by the even more sinister universe hinted at in the writings of H. P. Lovecraft.... with Nazi zombies, assault wolves and a battle-armoured whale that makes Moby Dick look tame.

Tracking for bass and drums, mixing and mastering was executed by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Ghost) at Orgone Studios, Bedfordshire, UK; while guitars and vocals were recorded at various bunkers around the UK.

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"An album that can rightfully be called spectacular." (9/10)
- Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"Created From Death is an absolute triumph, front to back."
- No Clean Singing

"Created From Death sees the band maintain high levels of hilarity, songwriting, and enthusiasm, delivering another off-kilter breath of rancidly fresh air."
- Angry Metal Guy

"A crushingly entertaining record!" (9/10)
- Ever Metal

"There are so many great things about Bull Elephant. The songwriting and riffs are so strong and amazing." (5/5)
- Breaking Necks

"A melting pot of different extreme metal subgenres crammed into one amazing record."
- Zax Record Reviews

"The listener is taken on a musical journey through the mystical and mysterious minds of Bull Elephant. Whether that is through the droney elements of stoner rock/doom metal which seems to be present in every song or the old school heavy metal in Cult of the Black Sun Nemesis, this is surely an album that a listener will not be disappointed with." (4/5)
- Metal Rules

"Created From Death has thrown dashes of extremity into a psychedelic doom and vintage heavy metal melting pot and the resulting dish has proven to be quite appetising."
- The Sleeping Shaman

"Created From Death is a successful mix of different types of doom metal. Damn addictive." (9/10)
- Arrow Lords of Metal

"Grim yet wonderous and an adventure for those who like death metal a bit on the wild side." (4/5)
- Brutalism

"The borderless stylistic reach of the record becomes its own sort of progressive metal, never pretentious but theatrical nonetheless."
- Grizzly Butts

"This band merges a few metal subgenres to create a curiously unique sound. They mainly play progressive metal, but with some tints of death doom, heavy metal and even grunge. Elaborate and original."
- Bathory Zine

"Created From Death is an album that is more than worth hearing and experiencing."
- Vampster


released August 14, 2020

Mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano, Orgone Studios

Drums and bass recorded at Orgone Studios, Woburn, Bedfordshire, UK
Guitars and vocals recorded at various bunkers around the UK

Music by Bull Elephant; Lyrics and storyline by Die Klinge


all rights reserved



Bull Elephant London, UK

Bull Elephant is an anonymous four piece band collective based in London, UK.

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